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We Gave DBH Utah a Gorgeous, Clean New Look

4 years ago

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Non-profit Davis Behavioral Health Utah was looking for an upgraded website to reflect their quality of service and incredibly beautiful new building.  Our staff was more than happy to accomplish the task!  We loved the clean look we built for them.


DBH wanted rotating banners, and our tool allows you the ability to add in banner images and add information.


They have several different facilities around Davis County, and we showcased them by separating the page with alternating colors. 


We have a table feature in the Text square. Tables make organizing files easy to view for a website visitor.  DBH took advantage of this on their Contracted Providers page.  They can easily upload their files into the SquareHook too; and hyperlink them.


Our awesome Form Generator allows you to create any number of forms within your website.  This was great for DBH, because they built several forms–not just a Contact form. DBH built a customized form on their Prescription Drug-Use page. With the form builder, you can add as many required fields as you’d like.


We also helped them build out their DBH Prevention website. We enjoyed working with their staff on building our their sites.  They can now edit their websites whenever they see fit. That’s what it’s all about-making your website easy!

Contact us if you’re looking to revamp your website. We tackle all kinds of projects.

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