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YardBird Restaurant’s Website Is Absolutely Mouth-watering!

4 years ago

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Working on food websites is always such a treat for us-literally.  We get to stare at food all day.  What’s better than that?!?  And working on YardBird was no different, except for the fact that the site made us really bummed-in that we couldn’t be stuffing our faces with their food at that very moment.


Owner, and master of the meals, Wendell, was one of our 10-Week Course Attendees this last session.  He wanted to create his restaurant website, and was looking for some guidance. When he told us of his vision, we thought that the LOVE theme could offer the simplicity and class he was going for.


Everything was cake after that!  Wendell had some incredible food imagery–PICTURES THAT HE TOOK ON HIS PHONE!  Can you believe it?!?!  We certainly couldn’t!  They looked professionally shot. We worked with him to build out a fun, easy to navigate website with splashes of his gorgeous photos throughout.


Wendell created a blog through the SquareHook blogging feature. He wanted to post the latest dishes he was creating/dabbling for the menu.  The images alone will get you to click to read more. Seriously, I’m wiping the saliva forming at my mouth as I type this post.


We showed him how to integrate a gallery so he could show off his main entrées, appetizers, and desserts so people could find out more.  What is more helpful in your order-making-decision at a restaurant than seeing food come out of the kitchen door?  Having these food options on his site, will make the ordering process that much faster at YardBird, because people could already know what they want-before they even come in for a meal.  Pictures do speak a thousand words, after all.


The SquareHook drag and drop interface made it easy for Wendell to create an attractive menu page.  Adding columns and rows with the click of a button allowed him the ease of adding in his dishes.

We are so proud of Wendell and the work he put into his website!  We enjoyed helping him throughout his web building experience-he did a great job. It looks good enough to eat!  We can’t wait for his restaurant to open. We have big eating plans when it does!  If you’re looking to build a website and need a little hand-holding or recommendations, that’s what we’re here for.  Contact us to find out how you can build the best mobile website out there!

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